Vijay Hazare Trophy Winners List From 2002 to 2023

Vijay Hazare Trophy Winners List From 2002 to 2023: Vijay Hazare is among India’s most prestigious 50-over domestic cricket tournaments. The tournament is named after famous cricketer Vijay Hazare. It started in 1992 and then played among various zones; until 2002, the format changed, and the game was taken to the national level.

The format of this game includes a Round-Robin and play-off format. 38 teams representing various states and union territories participate in this tournament annually and are divided into 5 groups, i.e., A, B, C, D and E. Group A, B and C include 8 teams, and Group D and E include 7.

The winner of the inaugural Vijay Hazare Trophy was Tamil Nadu. And Vijay Hazare Trophy 2022 Winner was Saurashtra. Since the first season, Tamil Nadu has won 5 times, becoming the most successful team in the history of the Vijay Hazare Trophy. On the other hand, Bengal is the only team to become runners-up 5 times.

Vijay Hazare Trophy Winners List From 2002 to 2023
Vijay Hazare Trophy Winner 2023

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Details about all the Vijay Hazare Trophy Winners List is given below:

Vijay Hazare Trophy Winners List All Season From 2002 to 2023

Vijay Hazare Trophy Winners List All Season

2023Haryana Rajasthan
2021Himachal PradeshTamil Nadu
2020MumbaiUttar Pradesh
2019KanatakaTamil Nadu
2016Tamil NaduBengal
2009Tamil NaduBengal
2008Tamil NaduBengal
2005RailwaysUttar Pradesh
2004Tamil Nadu & Uttar Pradesh (Joint Winners)
2002Tamil NaduPunjab
Note: We have not included the list of winners from 1992-2001 because the format back then was different. There were multiple Zones, so the declared winners were also from multiple zones. So, mentioning a single winner from each year is not possible.

Number of Titles by Each Team

Tamil Nadu5
Mumbai, Karnataka4
Bengal, Railways, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, Gujarat, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh1

FAQs About Vijay Hazare Trophy Winners List From 2002 to 2023

Who won the most Vijay Hazare Trophy?

Tamil Nadu has won Vijay Hazare 5 times, becoming the only team in Vijay Hazare to Win 5 times.

Who won the Vijay Hazare 2023-24?

The Vijay Hazare 2023 Final is scheduled on 16 December 2024 at 1:30 PM. Vijay Hazare 2023-24 winner is Haryana

Who was the Vijay Hazare Trophy 2022 Winner?

The Vijay Hazare winner 2022 was Saurashtra. They have total 2 Vijay Hazare titles. The first time they won was on 2007 and the second time was in 2022.

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