Vijay Hazare Trophy 2023 Final Highlights: Haryana Gets its First Vijay Hazare Trophy, Defeats Rajasthan by 30 Runs

Vijay Hazare Trophy 2023 Final Highlights: Haryana on Saturday 16 December 2024 defeats Rajasthan by 30 runs and earns its first ever Vijay Hazare Trophy at the Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium in Rajkot. Rajasthan on the other hand acquired the title of runners-up for the second time, first time was in 2006 when the winner was Mumbai.

Vijay Hazare Trophy 2023 Final Highlights
Vijay Hazare Trophy Winner 2023

The start of the match was not so good for Haryana as they lost their first wicket of Yuvraj Singh in the 2 over itself with just 3 runs on board and on the pitch was Ankit Kumar and H Rana. But the match started to gain some pace in the 4th over when 2 consecutive fours were hit by Ankit Kumar. Rajsthan gets the 2 wicket of H Rana in the 9th over bringing a kind of instability in the Harayan’s team.

Even after two consecutive wickets within the first 10 overs Ankit Kumar’s performance didnot degrade and he succesfully made 50 runs in the 15th over giving confidence to the entire team. A good partnership occurs between Ankit Kumar and Menaria and both successfully takes the score to 100 runs for Haryana in the 21th over. The pathership between the two reaches 100 runs in the 30th over.

But the pathership didnot last till the end as Ankit Kumar had to go back to the pavilion scoring 88 runs, as he was bowled by Aniket Choudhary in the 35th over. After 2 overs Menaria was also dismised by Aniket Choudhary. In the 40th over Rohit Sharma hits his first boundary of the day and Haryana reaches 200 runs. Rohit Sharma also had to go back for 20 runs in the 45th over, dismissed by Arafat Khan.

Again after 3 overs (48th over) Rahul Tewatia was dismmised for 24 runs and the bowler was Aniket Choudhary. In the next over (49th over) itself Harshal Patel was run out and a four was hit by Sumit. The last over was full of trills as Sumit hits 2 fours and 1 six taking the total score of Haryana to 287/8, giving a target of 288 to Rajasthan.

After the break Rajasthan comes to bat with opening batsman Abhijeet and Ram Mohan. But in the 2nd over itself Ram Mohan was sent back to the pavillion and the bowler was Sumit Kumar. Again in the 4th over Haryana got another wicket of Mahipal Lomcor was dismised by Sumit Kumar.

The start of Rajasthan’s batting was not at all good as they lost another wicket in the 6th over of Hooda, and the bowler was Sumit Kumar. The score at that point was 15/3. Rajasthan after that accelerates its pace slowly and reaches 50 in 13 overs. And by 15th over there was a 50 run partnership between Karan Lamba and Abhijeet.

In the 19th over Karan Lamba diparts for 20 runs, bowled by Rahul Tewatia. Finally in the 24th over Rajasthan reaches the 100 run mark. Since then Rajasthan lost no wickets and by the end of 36th over Kumar and Abhijeet had reached a partnership of 100 runs in just 121 balls and Kunal at the same time scores half century. 200 runs was scored in the 37th over.

But in the 38th over Haryana gets a major break through as they managed to get the wicket of Abhijeet Tomar who scored 106 in 129 balls. This wicket was the turning point for Harayana as after that the speed of runs slowed down. In the 44th over they got the wicket of KS Rathore and just after couple of over Haryana got another wicket of Kukna Ajay Singh.

The wickets then did not stop in the 48th over itself Rajasthan lost the remaining three wickets and taking the score to 257 all out. Vijay Hazare Trophy 2023 Final Highlights is that Rajasthan lost to Haryana for 30 runs. Vijay Hazare 2023 winner is Haryana.

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FAQs about Vijay Hazare Trophy 2023 Final Highlights

Who won the Vijay Hazare Trophy 2023

Haryana have won its first ever Vijay Hazare Trophy in 2023. They have defeated Rajasthan by 30 runs.

Who Scored most runs in 2023 Vijay Hazare Trophy Final?

Abhijeet Tomar was the only player to score 100 runs. His total score was 106 in 129 balls.

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