How To Get Selected For Ranji Trophy? What is the selection process of a Play to Ranji Trophy-Full Details

How To Get Selected For Ranji Trophy? Ranji Trophy is annual first-class cricket competition conducted by BCCI. The game is conducted into various categories, this includes U-14, U-16, U-19, U-25 and open category. In this article we shall discuss about the open category, and playing for the open or senior category is dream of many youths in India. The upcoming 2024 Ranji Trophy season is scheduled to begin from 5 January- 14 March 2024.

How To Get Selected For Ranji Trophy?
Ranji Trophy Selection Process

Why is playing in Ranji Trophy so important?

Before going further it is important to know that why is it so important for any player to play Ranji trophy. Well the answer is not that complicated. Ranji Trophy is being seen as a gateway to the Indian National Cricket Team. That may include International Test Matches or ODI matches or T20. A player performing extremely well in a particular season

The other reason is Ranji Trophy players get a amazing salary. And the salary structure has changed from 2021-22 season by BCCI.

Process of getting selected in the Ranji Trophy

Getting selected in the Ranji Trophy is a dream of many in India. But getting selected in the Ranji Trophy is surely not a easy process. A player has to go through various selection process and a player has to face every selection professionally. And the age limit is 25 years which is not so much. So it is important to start early.

Lets discuss the road to Ranji Trophy step-by-step:

  1. Joining a Local Cricket Association or Club
  2. Get selected in the district team
  3. Inter-divisional tournaments and State Team

Joining a Local Cricket Association Club

The first step of every player wanting to become a professional cricketer is to join any local cricket club or association. Playing in a local helps a player to gain some experience in India. It is like climbing the first step of ladder that will surely improve a players skills and performance. If performed well that the coach may include that player in the team.

After getting selected in the team the player gets an opportunity to play association sponsored tournament.

Get selected in the District Team

The next process is to get selected in the District team. And it is only possible if the player has shined in the association sponsored tournaments.

Once a player’s name is entered in the district cricket team, the player will be able to play various inter-districts matches. There is also a high chance that selectors will come to witness the tournaments, as selectors need to pick the best players for the inter-divisional tournaments.

Inter-divisional tournaments and State Team

After the players are selected from the district level, they then have to play inter-divisional tournament. This stage is very important because based on the performance in inter-divisional matches, the player will get a entry to the state team, where they will trained by professional state association coaches.

After the inter-divisional matches are over the player then gets his name registered for the state team. After that the player gets to play various national level games like Vijay Hazare Trophy, Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy and most important Ranji Trophy.

What is the minimum and maximum age to play Ranji Trophy?

There is no age limit as a such to start playing Ranji Trophy. In this year (2024) a young boy from Bihar whose age is just 12 got selected to play the 2024 Ranji Trophy. His name is Vaibhav Suryavanshi.

On the other hand there is no maximum age as such to start playin Ranji trophy. But the condition is that the player should be physically fit. Prabin Tamba is the best example as he first played Ranji Trophy at the age of 30.

FAQs about How To Get Selected For Ranji Trophy?

What is the age limit to play Ranji Trophy

There is no age limit as such for playing Ranji Trophy.

Do Ranji Trophy players get salary?

Yes, Ranji Trophy players get good amount of salary. The salary structure is different for the players with more experience and less experience.

Do Ranji players get govt job?

Ranji Trophy dont get job directly on the basis of there performance but they can apply in any Govt Job through Sports Quota.

Is it easy to get selected in Ranji Trophy?

The answer of this question depends person to person. Some player get selected easily and some struggle but still are not selected.

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