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IPL 2024 Format Explained: Know the IPL Format 2024 and New Rules

IPL 2024 Format Explained: The Indian Premier League 2024 is about to start from 22 March 2024. The format of IPL 2024 will be the same as the previous season. The season will start with League Stage followed by the Playoffs. Through this article, we will bring you the details about the IPL Match format 2024 and the new rules that were introduced in the IPL 2023.

IPL 2024 Format Explained
IPL 2024 Format Explained (Credit- Sporting News)

IPL 2024 Format Overview

Article NameIPL 2024 Format Explained
Event NameIndian Premier League 2024
No of teams10
No of Stages2 (league stage and playoff stage)

IPL 2024 Format Explained

The Indian Premier League or the IPL consists of two stage. The first is League Stage and the other is Playoffs. We have mentioned the IPL 24 format of both the stages below.

IPL League Stage Format 2024

The season of every IPL starts with teams playing in the League Stage. This year, there will also be 10 teams, which will be divided into 2 groups of 5 teams. Each team in every group will get to play 2 matches with every team in the opponent group and 1 match with the 4 teams of the same group.

The home-and-away match format is followed in the league stage. Each team will be playing a total of 14 matches, out of which 7 will be home matches and 7 will be away matches.

IPL Playoffs Format 2024

After the League stage 4, teams advance to the IPL Playoff round. The playoff round of IPL is divided into three categories:

IPL Qualifier Format 2024

The first two teams in the points table plays the qualifier 1 round. Winner of this round goes directly to the final. But the loser gets another chance to play in the qualifier 2.

IPL Eliminator Format 2024

The third and forth teams in the IPL points table compete in the Eliminator round. As the name suggests, the team that loses this match is eliminated from the season, while the winning team advances to Qualifier 2.

IPL Qualifier 2 Format

In this round, the loser of Qualifier 1 and the winner of the Eliminator competes against each other. The winner of the Qualifier 2 round becomes the second finalist of the season.

New IPL Rules 2024

New set of rules have been introduced in the IPL from 2023 season. Know about all the rules mentioned in points below:

  1. If any fielder or wicketkeeper commits a foul or unfair act before the ball is received by the batsman, a 5-run penalty will be imposed.
  2. The playing XI of both the teams can be declared only after the toss.
  3. DRS will be available for 2 times in each innings. And since IPL 2023 players are allowed to review No-balls and Wide balls.
  4. New impact rule has been introduced, that allows substitute player during a game. The player can be substituted before the start of the innings or after a over is played or when a wicket has fallen.

Note: Both the teams will have 4 substitutes besides the playing XI, and out of these, they will have to choose 1. After the substitution, that particular player will not be part of the match for that day.

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What is the Format of IPL 2024?

The IPL format 2024 will be the same as the previous season. 10 teams will be divided into 2 groups. Each team will be playing 14 matches each. The top 4 teams with the most points will be promoted to the playoffs.

What is the format of playoffs in IPL 2024?

The IPL playoffs will have 4 teams that will qualify from the league stage. The first 2 teams will play Qualifier 1, and the 3rd and 4th teams will play the Eliminator. Followed by the Qualifier 2 and Final.

What is Qualifier 1 and 2 in IPL?

The 1st and 2nd teams play the Qualifier 1 round. And the loser of Qualifier 1 and the winner of Eliminator play Qualifier 2.

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