Gangwon Winter Youth Olympics 2024 Schedule, Results, Venue- Full Details

Gangwon Winter Youth Olympics 2024 Schedule: The Gangwon 2024 Winter Youth Olympics scheduled to take place from 19th January to 1 February, will be hosted by South Korea. We have shared the details of the Winter Olympics schedule, fixtures, sports list, opening ceremony, ticket booking and broadcasting information in this article.

Gangwon Winter Youth Olympics 2024 Schedule

The 4th Winter Youth Olympic games schedule from 19 January – 1 February 2024 will be held in Gangwon Province, South Korea. A total of 1,900 athletes’ representing 50 countries will compete in 81 events across 15 sports during the IV Winter Youth Olympic Games.

What is Youth Olympic Games?

The Youth Olympic Games (YOG) is a global multi-sport event planned for athletes aged between 15 to 18. It is organized by the International Olympic Committee. These games are held every four years, occur in turn between summer and winter events.

What is the purpose of Winter Youth Olympic Games?

Winter Youth Olympic Games exist to offer young athletes an international platform for competing in winter sports.

Gangwon Winter Youth Olympics 2024 Dates

The table below will show the Gangwon 2024 Winter Youth Olympics start dates.

Gangwon Winter Youth Olympics 2024 Schedule

1.Gangneung Culing CentreCurling (Mixed Team/ Mixed Doubles)20 Jan-1 Feb2024
2.Gangneung Hockey CentreIce-Hockey (3-on-3/6 Team Tournament)20 Jan-31 Jan 2024
3.Gangneung Ice Arena1. Short Track Speed Skating
2. Figure skating
1. 20 Jan- 24 Jan 2024
2. 27 Jan-01 Feb 2024
4.Gagneung OvalSpeed Skating22 Jan- 26 Jan 2024
5.Alpensia Sliding Centre1. Luge
3. Skeleton
1. 20 Jan-23 Jan 2024
2. 22 Jan-23 Jan 2024
3. 22 Jan- 23 Jan 2024
6.Alpensia Biathlon Centre1. Biathlon
2. Cross-country Skiing
3. Nordic Combined
1. 21 Jan- 25 Jan 2024
2. 29 Jan- 01 Feb 2024
3. 29 Jan-31 Jan 2024
7.Alpensia Ski Jumping Centre1. Nordic Combined
2. Ski Jumping
1. 29 Jan- 31 Jan 2024
2. 21 Jan- 22 Jan 2024
8.Welli Hilli Park Ski Resort1. Freestyle Skiing (Halfpipe)
2. Snowboard (Halfpipe)
3. Freestyle Skiing (Cross)
4. Snowboard (Cross)
5. Freestyle Skiing (Slopestyle/Big Air)
6. Snowboard (Slopestyle/Big Air)
1. 30 Jan 2024
2. 01 Feb 2024
3. 23 Jan-24 Jan 2024
4. 20 Jan-21 Jan 2024
5. 24 Jan-28 Jan 2024
6. 24 Jan- 28 Jan 2024
9.Jeongseon High 1 SKI Resort1.Alpine Skiing
2. Freestyle Skiing (Double Moguls)
1. 21 Jan- 26 Jan 2024
2. 26 Jan- 27 Jan 2024

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Gangwon 2024 Winter Youth Olympics Overview

EventWinter Youth Olympic 2024
Edition4th Edition
First started13 January, 2022
Organized byRepublic of Korea
Host CountryGangwon Province, South Korea
Gangwon 2024 Global AmbassadorEileen Gu
No. of Athletes1900
Events15 sports (81 events)
No. of Countries50
Start date19 January 2024
Closed Date1 February2024
Official websiteClick here

Gangwon 2024 Sports Games lists

The Gangwon Winter Youth Olympics 2024 schedule table below displays the Gangwon 2024 Games list.

  1. Curling
  2. Alpine Skiing’
  3. Biathlon
  4. Bobsleigh
  5. Cross- Country Skiing
  1. Figure Skating
  2. Free Style Skiing
  3. Ice- Hockey
  4. Luge
  5. Nordic combined
  1. Skeleton
  2. Ski Jumping
  3. Snowboard
  4. Speed Skating
  5. Short track Speed Skating

Gangwon Winter Youth Olympics 2024 Schedule and Venue

For the upcoming 2024 winter Olympics, a total of 10 venue has been selected, those venues along with the list of games are given below.

#Venue CapacityGames
1.Gangneung Curling Centre3,500Curling (Mixed)
2.Gangneung Hockey Centre9.479Ice Hockey ( 3 on 3/6 team tournament)
3.Gangneeung Ice Arena12,0201. Short Track Speed Skating
2. Figure Skating
4.Gangneung Oval7.612Speed Skating
5.Alpensia sliding Centre1,4781.Luge
6.Alpensia Biathlon Centre4,0601.Biathlon
3.Nordic Combined
7.Alpensia Ski Jumpin Centre50,0001.Nordic Combined
2.Ski Jumping
8.Welli Hilli Park Ski Resort1.Freestyle Skiing
3.Freestyle Skiing,
5. Snowboard(slopestyle/big air)
9.Jeongseon High 1 Ski ResortFreestyle Skiing
(dual moguls)

Winter Youth Olympics 2024 Games Opening Ceremony

Winter Olympics 2024 opening ceremony will on Friday 19th January 2024, and the venue will be Gangneung Oval Pyeongchang Dom. When the opening ceremony will be held we will update it later.

Winter Youth Olympics History

Winter Youth Olympics is a multi-sports event that is organized after every 4 years. This is focused on the age between 15-18 years. The first event was organized from 13 January- 22 January, 2012 in Innsbruck, Austria. Given below are the list of counties that have hosted and will be hosting this events.

2024GangwonSouth Korea

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2024 Winter Youth Olympics Ticket

Planning to watch the Winter Youth Olympics in Korea but wondering where can I get the tickets, don’t worry you are in the right website. But before buying some general information about tickets are that an individual person can buy maximum 6 ticket and a group can buy maximum of 50 tickets. Payment methods will include Credit Card, Debit Card, and Direct deposit available in Korean. There will tow types of tickets i.e. E- tickets which can be downloaded after boking and Paper tickets which will be delivered or Receive at Ticket box by venue. And in case of cancelling or delaying tickets then the buyer should inform via email or SMS.

Prices of the tickets will vary from 100,000/80,000/30,000 KRW by Class ( 6,442.18 INR/ 5,154.04 INR/ 1933.08 INR). For Wheelchair and companion the prices will be 15000 KRW ( 966.77 INR) and this needs to be verified during the entry.

The link of official website of Gangwon 2024 is given below

2024 Winter Youth Olympics TicketLink

Broadcast Details

How to watch Winter Youth Olympics Gangwon 2024?

The Winter Olympics Gangwon 2024 will be on air on channels like CNBC, NBCSN, and Olympics Channel. For Indian viewers it will also be live online on, and there official app is available on Google Play Store.


1. When is the 2024 Winter Youth Olympics start date?

2024 Winter Youth Olympics will start from 19 January 2024

2. Are Indians participating in Winter Youth Olympics?

No India will not be participating in the Winter Youth Olympics

3. How many countries will participate in Winter Youth Olympics 2024?

50 countries will be participating

4. When is the Gangwon 2024 start date?

Gangwon 2024 will start from 19 January 2024

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