Durand Cup Winner List: Know about the Durand Cup Winners From 1950 to 2024

Durand Cup Winner List: The oldest Asian Football Tournament, the Durand Cup also known as Durand Football Tournament was first started on 1888 by Sir Henry Mortimer Durand and was organized in Shimla. The tournament was recognized by the AFC from the second season itself. The Durand Cup since the first season was organized annually except 1914-1919 due to World War 1 and 1939-1947 due to World War 2 and Indian Partition.

The first Durand Cup Winner was Royal Scoths Fusiliers. The Durand Cup Winner is awarded with 3 trophies. The first trophy is the original Durand Cup Trophy, second trophy is the Shimla Trophy (this trophy is donated by the residents of Shimla) and the President’s Cup (this cup was first given after the Independence).

In this article we shall discuss about the Durand Cup Winner List From 1950 to 2024(that is after the Independence period).

Durand Cup Winner List
Durand Cup Winner List (Credit-GKToday)

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Durand Cup Winner List Overview

Event NameDurand Cup
Organized by Durand Football Tournament Society and AIFF
Durand Cup First Season1888
Durand Cup Most Successful TeamMohun Bagan
Durand Cup Final 2023 Winner/ 132 Durand Cup WinnerMohun Bagan
Duran Cup 2024 WinnerTBD

Durand Cup Winners List

The most successful team in the Durand Cup to date is Mohun Bagan. The have won the tournament for 17 times and were runners-up for 12 times. They have also won the trophy 3 times in a row twice. The first time was from 1963-1965 and the second time was from 1984-1986.

Check out the detailed Durand Cup Winners All Season given below.

Durand Cup Winner List
Durand Cup Winner List (Credit-SportsAdda)

Durand Cup Winner List From 1950 to 2024

11950Hyderabad City PoliceMohun Bagan
21951East BengalRajasthan Armed Constabulary
31952East BengalHyderabad City Police
41953Mohun BaganNational Defence Academy
51954Hyderabad City PoliceHindustan Aircraft Limited
61955Madras RegimentalIndian Air Force
71956East BengalHyderabad City Police
81957Hyderabad City PoliceEast Bengal
91958Madras Regimental CentreGorkha Brigade
101959Mohun BaganMohammedan
111960Mohun Bagan and East Bengal
121961Andhra Pradesh PoliceMohun Bagan
131963Mohun BaganAndhra Pradesh Police
141964Mohun BaganEast Bengal
151965Mohun BaganPunjab Police
161966Gorkha BrigadeSikh Regimental Centre
171967East BengalBengal Nagpur Railway
181968Border Security ForceEast Bengal
191969Gorkha BrigadeBorder Security Force
201970East BengalMohun Bagan
211971Border Security ForceLeaders Club
221972East BengalMohun Bagan
231973Border Security ForceRajasthan Armed Constabulary
241974Mohun BaganJCT
251975Border Security ForceJCT
261976Border Security Force and JCT
271977Mohun BaganJCT
281978East BengalMohun Bagan
291979Mohun BaganPunjab Police
301980Mohun BaganMohammedan
311981Border Security ForceJCT
321982Mohun Bagan and East BengalJCT
331983JCTMohun Bagan
341984Mohun BaganEast Bengal
351985Mohun BaganJCT
261986Mohun BaganEast Bengal
271987JCTMohun Bagan
281988Border Security ForceEast Bengal
291989East BengalMohun Bagan
301990East BengalMahindra & Mahindra
311991East BengalBorder Security Force
331993East BengalPunjab State Electricity Board
341994Mohun BaganEast Bengal
351995East BengalTata Football Academy
371997KochinMohun Bagan
381998Mahindra & MahindraEast Bengal
391999SalgaocarEast Bengal
402000Mohun BaganMahindra United
412001Mahindra UnitedChurchils Brother
422002East BengalArmy XI
432003SalgaocarEast Bengal
442004East BengalMohun Bagan
452005Army XISporting Goa
472007Churchill BrothersMahindra United
482008Mahindra UnitedChurchill Brothers
492009Churchill BrothersMohun Bagan
502010United Sports ClubJCT
512011Churchill BrothersPrayag United
522012Air IndiaDodsal
552015Army GreenNEROCA
562019Gokulam KeralaMohun Bagan
582022BengaluruMumbai City
592023Mohun Bagan SGEast Bengal

Number of Titles won by the Teams

Sl.NoTeamsDurand Cup Trophies
1Mohun Bagan17
2East Bengal16
3Border Security Force7
5Hyderabad Police4
6Mahinda $ Mahindra/ Mahindra United3
7Churchill Brothers3
10Gorkha Brigade2
11Madras Regimental Centre2
12United/ Prayag United1
13Army XI1
16Gokulam Kerala1
17Army Green1
18Air India1

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FAQs on Durand Cup Winner List

Which team has won most Durand Cup?

The only team that has won the maximum Durand Cup trophies to date is Mohun Bagan. They have won 17 times.

How many trophies Mohun Bagan won?

Mohun Bagan or Mohun Bagan SG has won 17 times and were runners-up for 12 times

Who was the first winner of Durand Cup?

The first winner of the Durand Cup was Royal Scoths Fusiliers.

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